The modern quill

“I don’t use a pen. I write with a goose quill dipped in venom…”

Clifton Webb

Not infrequently, when people see me using a fountain pen, they describe it as a caligraphy pen. Drawing on my meagre reserves of emotional intelligence, I usually manage to bite my tongue and smile. Just to be clear, a fountain pen has it’s own ink reserve, which has a structure to encourage a slow leak of ink onto the nib. Pens used for caligraphy, are dip pens with a specific style of nib. Dip pens are the common ancestor of all modern pen types, derived from the original feather quill pen. Current day dip pens generally use metal or glass nibs. If the nib is especially flexible, it is often called caligraphic and used for this iconic writing technique. Dip pens are easy to clean and suitable for inks that would destroy a fountain pen. Above can be seen the latest thing in dip pens from the Tokyo company, DRILLOG. They have set the pen community on fire. #birthdaypresentidea #letsmakelemonade

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