Aldinga reef

“…and those wild eyes that watch the waves in roaring upon the reef…”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Aldinga Reef is a marine protected area adjacent to Aldinga Beach and Port Willunga. It was established in 1971 to protect the flora and fauna associated with the local reef. In 2009 it became part of the larger Encounter Marine Park. The reef is exposed for about 500 metres offshore at low tide. The edge of the reef becomes the Southern Ocean dropoff. It is a great place for surfing, bird watching, exploring rockpools and keeping an eye out for sharks. My wife takes her camera, I take my paints. #snapperpoint #letsmakelemonade

4 thoughts on “Aldinga reef

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  3. Hi David, did you do this painting? It is lovely ….. I’m very fond of seascapes! Kind regards


    1. Yes that is mine

      David Walsh Surgeon 0412335884



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