Drawing the universe

“The All-Seeing Eye was derived from Egyptian scriptures…”

The Book of Masonic Law

Thomas Wright deserves to be better known for his contributions to astronomy. Born in the early 1700s, his early years were notable for two things, his passion for mathematics and a major speech impediment. His formal education was minimal. None the less, by nineteen he had established his own mathematics school and built an observatory. Wright realised that our own Milky Way was a spiral galaxy and was the first to understand that there were galaxies outside of our own. He described what we now recognise as the Universe. Rather than public lectures, he explained his concepts with detailed drawings. Wright drew all the illustrations for his book “An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe”, published in1730. #greatarchitectoftheuniverse #masonicsymbols #letsmakelemonade

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