Tying things together

“Everyone should believe in something. I believe I will go fishing…”

Henry David Thoreau

My wife loves birds. I like colourful art. The hobby of fly tying combines both. Fly fishing, angling for freshwater edible fish, employs the technique of floating insect forms on the surface of a river to attract the target fish. Despite that fact that salmon have very poor vision, very specific fly imitations or recipes have developed over the centuries. Most employ highly colourful bird feathers. Fly tying is now a much bigger activity than the fishing, indeed these flies will never see the water. The feathers used were originally from rare wild birds, most of whom are now endangered or extinct. There exists a very active online market in these precious and often illegal feathers. The passion is so great that within the last decade the British Natural History Museum was burgled to obtain antique bird specimens and provide more expensive feathers to feed this hobby. #thefeatherthief #letsmakelemonade

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