Fake, copy or tribute?

“A snake is still a snake no matter how many times it sheds it’s skin…”

Confusingly, the two fountain pens seen above are different. The upper pen is the hard to find limited edition Montblanc Heritage Rouge pen. Below it is the Heritage Series Red Classic pen, which hails from China rather than Germany. Sadly, the second pen is one I own. Grail level fountain pens, like many luxury items (think clothes, shoes, handbags and watches) have more affordable versions that abound online and can be hundreds of times cheaper than originals. What do such pens really represent? Although it does happen, the pen I bought was clearly not marketed as original, so it is not a fake. Montblanc would argue it an unmistakable copy. Heritage pens markets it as a respectful homage to a timeless, classic style. I am not sure about the ethics. What I do know is that I still want the real thing, so both companies may yet have a win. #fakeorfortunepens #letsmakelemonade

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