What a difference a year makes

“I love dusty old books and libraries…”

Harper Lee

We are all acutely aware that some years everything just seems to change. The first books published by the Italian Aldine Press, appeared in 1501. Their first book was the Works of Virgil, seen above. These books were the first to have a standardised font, what we now call Italic. Secondly, they were produced in a uniform, smaller size, known as Octavo, close to A4 format. These books were more portable and accessable to read. Texts could now be read directly in any location, with standard font and spelling. No longer were books large, non uniform objects chained to desks in obscure libraries or monasteries. Books now began appear everywhere and so began to spread the ability to read and write. Books printed prior to this 1501 line in the sand, were very unique objects, produced in very small numbers. Pre 1501 books are refered to as Incunables, meaning swaddling or cradle. Incunables are highly collectable. #checkthenextcarbootsale #letsmakelemonade

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