Afternoon delight

“The afternoon knows what the morning suspected…”

Jonathan Grimwood

Recently, a delightful patient and I became engaged in a discussion of appointment times. They operated under a system where the afternoon commenced at 1100. This didn’t sit well with me. It was elegantly put to me that with different periods of daylight and varying geographic location, the naming of the parts of the day had to vary to make sense. Sunsets during northern winter before 1600 were clearly the start of evening, so to be fair to afternoons they needed an earlier start. The further we went, the more loopholes were put to me, and my position began to weaken. Still a little scarred from this encounter, I would like to establish the different parts of the day that will be utilised and tolerated by this blog.

Morning 0500-1200, Early Morning 0500-0800, Late Morning 1100-1200, Afternoon 1200-1700, Noon 1200-1300, Early Afternoon 1300-1500, Mid Afternoon 1500-1600, Late Afternoon 1600-1700, Evening 1700-2100, Early Evening 1700-1900, Night 2100-0500

I hope this helps #englishlanguagelearingandpublishingwebsite #letsmakelemonade

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