And here we are

“The casual conversation tone of a blog is what makes it dangerous…”

Daniel B Beaulieu

A very early memory is seeing the dinosaur bones in the front window of the South Australian Museum. I was on a car ride at night. I pestered to visit this seemingly magical place. When I visited the museum, it was not as I had thought. They were actually whale bones, which were not as cool. However, elsewhere in the building was an Ancient Egyptian room which was really cool and triggered a life long interest for me. Writing this blog has been a similar experience. It is different than I imagined, but has it has lured me into more and more interesting topics. I have a most fascinating google search history. Penpaintandscalpel started at a time that I felt vulnerable and at risk of losing touch with people. Interacting with people about topics in the blog is the best part for me. Others are both interested and interesting. All of us have a nerd hidden inside. So here we are at 200 posts. Let’s find more lemons and make more lemonade. #gratefulandthankful #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “And here we are

  1. I too have always loved the Ancient Egyptian room at the museum! So pleased that it remains the same today as it did when I was a child!


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