A whiter shade of pale

“Two colours are enough, just white and blue…”

Douglas Walker

When you venture out into the world of the internet, one has to be mindful when using certain words. Colour can be problematic for obvious reasons. You also need to be careful not to be tone deaf or about casting shade. It is also important not to view the world through the tinted glasses of privilege. It is interesting to see how some of these words have taken on a new life and usage. In art, specifically in colour theory, these words have quite specific and almost forgotten meaning. A colour is the property of an object as a result of how it reflects or emits light. A tint of a colour is produced by combination with white, Tone is produced by combining with grey. Shade is a combination with the black. Be careful out there and don’t get your colour theory wrong. #ilikedoublebluetones #letsmakelemonade

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