Hard to visit places

“You’re not going to enjoy every minute of the journey…”

Muhammad Ali

The Pole of Inaccessibility refers to the most difficult place to reach on a land mass or body of water. Essentially it is the furthest point from a coastline. For obvious reasons the most challenging pole of inaccessibility is in the Antarctic. It has been visited briefly by Russian researchers. If you visit yourself, you will find a bust of Lenin, the most remote piece of art in the world. In Australia the pole of inaccessibility is 920km from the coast, at a point 161km northwest of Alice Springs. As you can see above, there is not a great deal to see when you get there. During the last 18 months much closer and more personally significant places have felt just as inaccessible. We are however on the journey to reclaim access to the sites and people that matter to us all. Lets keep calm and carry on. #ajourneynotaplace #letsmakelemonade

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