The most beautiful of libraries

“The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library…”

Albert Einstein

The Mortlock family used some of the profits from their pastoral business to establish many iconic South Australian buildings. Martindale Hall, University of Adelaide, The Waite Institue and the State Library are all examples. These locations are all favourite haunts for Urban sketchers. The Mortlock wing of the State Library was built in 1879 with money from the Mortlocks. The style was described as French Renaissance with the employment of a Mansard roof. When first opened it was called the Public Institute. In 1965 it was renamed the Jervois Wing of an expanded library complex. In 1984 Don Dunstan gave the Mortlock family the recognition they deserved. It is wonderful place to sit, read, sketch, look and think. #sabenefactors #letsmakelemonade

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