Any pen you want

“Modification is admitted to be only a matter of time…”

Alfred Russell Wallace

This might be the most versatile fountain pen ever produced. I use the term fountain pen with caution as it is not like any other you have seen. The nib is extraordinary, consisting of twin rectangular blades of steel, 6mm in width. The most obvious use is decorative calligraphy, but it doesnt end there. The Pilot Parallel is a favourite of pen and ink sketchers, with the ability use the nib corner for fine work and then switch effortlessly to bolder stokes and blocking of shapes. However, pen enthusiasts always take things beyond the sensible. The internet is full of photos and videos of amateur nibsmiths grinding, bending and modifying this enticingly large nib to produce unique, highly personalised writing experiences. #handmethedremel #letsmakelemonade

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