Childhood misconceptions

Stegasaurus – Roof Lizard- Late Jurassic- 155 to 145 million years ago

Tyrannosaurus -King Lizard- Late Cretaceous- 68 to 66 million years ago

iPhone -Apple Corporation- 2007 to present day

The last couple of years has seen an internet full of misinformation, overgeneralisation and doctored imagery. It turns out I have been subjected to similar issues for much longer. In my early days at school, one of my favourite library books was a treatise on dinosaurs. I was particularly enthralled by scenes of a Stegasaurus and a T Rex fighting to the death. My best friend Anthony and I discussed this image at length. We argued virtually endlessly, about the tactics and strength each reptile would bring to the encounter. I was on team Stegasauraus, but I secretly thought Anthony was right to back the T Rex. In 2021, I decided to do my own research. This image, repeated in many dinosaur picture books, is historically incorrect. In fact from a timeline viewpoint, a picture of a T Rex holding an iPhone would be more accurate. #realitycheck #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “Childhood misconceptions

  1. I am so disappointed by this post. On television, I’ve seen a Stegasaurus fighting a T Rex; therefore, they must have lived at the same time. Could it be that what I see on television might not be true?


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