We don’t always use a knife

“I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil…”

Truman Capote

The scalpel is central to the mythology of surgery. In fact in modern times it is not our key weapon. The introduction of anaesthesia gave surgeons time. Time meant planned and controlled anatomical dissection, and the scalpel had some limitations. A good pair of scissors becomes part of the surgeon’s hand, the blades extensions of the fingers. One of the most commonly used are the Metzembaums. Myron Metzembaum was a prominent US ENT Surgeon. He was especially good at tonsillectomies. In 1910 he designed a pair of scissors that fit his small hands better than the heavier Mayo scissors that were in vogue. This is one of the instruments I frequently call for even in 2021 #passthemetz #letsmakelemonade

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