Love Field Pink

“Dress simple Jackie, show these Texans what good taste really is…”


My mother was not especially sentimental, but there was a memory she returned to repeatedly. Late November most years she would reflect on the horror, anxiety and bewilderment, she experienced when she learnt of President Kennedy’s asassination. She spoke openly of her concerns about the sort of world her baby son would grow up in. This photo is special for many reasons. It was taken at Love Field Airport, Dallas on 22nd November 1963. Jackie Kennedy is in stark contrast to all on the tarmac. Young, female and dressed in vibrant pink. She holds a sheath of red roses, which look amazing next to her dress. They were meant to be yellow roses of Texas, but the order was stuffed up. The red tones with the pink better and is strangely prophetic. Less than an hour later Jackie’s dress would be soaked in her husband’s blood and the world was a different place. The dress has never been washed. It was donated by the Kennedys to the US National Archive, with an embargo on public display until November 2103. #pinkamongstthegrey #letsmakelemonade

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