Getting it down on paper

“Always go too far for that is where you will find the truth…”

Albert Camus

Fieldnotes are qualitative written notes recorded by researchers, based on the realtime observation of phenomena. Joseph Grinnell was a late 19th Century Zoologist and Ornithologist. His great opus was The Distribution of the Birds of California. He also established the Grinnell Method for archiving of ornithological fieldnotes, which has 4 tiers of written records. Firstly, directly into a field worthy notebook. Secondly, transferrred to a substantial periodic journal. Thirdly, written into a species specific volume and finally recorded into an overarching catalogue. Field Notes is a US design company founded by Aaron Draplin 14 years ago. Each quarter it releases a new themed set of notebooks. These are a modern take on the product promotional memo books distributed to American farmers over the past hundred years by seed, tractor and agricultural companies. Their books seem perfect for step one of the Grinnell Method. #penneedspaper #letsmakelemonade

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