Can you still get ink for those things?

“Colours like the features of the face, follow the changes of the emotions…”

Pablo Picasso

Many people comment on my preference to write with fountain pens. Everyone seems to know a bit about them. Firstly they ask about whether they leak, which is self evident by the stains on my hands. The next concern is the access to supplies of ink. I assure them this is not an issue. In fact there has never been more choices for the ink to fill a pen. The Fountain Pen Companion is a well maintained website with seemingly endless sets of data for people like me who need to know this stuff. Above is their Inkmap. It plots all the ink types produced by the 10 leading makers across the world. The X axis is colour tone, the Y axis is colour intensity. Each point is a currently available ink. #coloursoftherainbow #letsmakelemonade

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