The primary consideration

“If you gotta think about being cool, you ain’t cool…”

Keith Richards

Most normal people would expect the primary consideration in purchasing a fountain pen is how nicely it writes. Serious pen collectors are not normal. Yes, pens need to function, but they really need to be cool. Most pens we collect are from overseas companies and we don’t see them in person or test how they write. The process usually involves scanning social media for shared images of pretty pens, then checking YouTube reviews from trusted pen gurus for information on how the pens function in the hand. Probably because of this behaviour, bright shiny pens have really had a moment over the past few years. The above pen is made from a hand crafted acrylic called the Primary Manipulation. It contains 6 different base pigments and is produced by a master acrylic artist called Jonathan Brooks. Due to the technical aspects of the manufacturing, the number of pens is limited and no two pens are identical. Just what pen collectors love. #carolinapencompany #letsmakelemonade

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