Someone has to make the first attempt

“All art is self portraits…”

Minor White

This blog often explores my interests of art and surgery. Many of you know I spend much of professional life helping women with breast cancer. This image fascinates me. Georges Chicolat was both a qualified artist and physician. He was the head of radiotherapy at the Hospital Broca in France. This is a self portrait from 1907, capturing an early episode of breast cancer care. Details of his patient are lost to time. The title of the painting is very pragmatic, The First Attempt to Treat Cancer with X-rays. I like the slightly quirky nature of this serious scene. Two technical aspects are worth noting, the radiation shielding from the top hat and the timing of the dose delivered with a pocketwatch. #bringbackthetophat #letsmakelemonade

2 thoughts on “Someone has to make the first attempt

  1. Do you know, roughly, what year is depicted in the painting?


  2. Delete my ridiculous question. The answer is in the text of your post. I read the text of the post, but my mind was focused on the x-ray equipment and when it would have been used. I was also focused on the lack of shielding. Sorry to have disturded you.


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