Is this fungible?

“Art is any attempt to bring order out of chaos…”

Stephen Sondheim

So I took a photo with my iPhone, used it to inspire a watercolour painting and then digitally photographed and tweaked it to produce this final result. It is my creation although there is not a phyiscal version of the image. Does mean it could be an NFT? NFTs are the latest hot properties in international art, selling for high prices in virtual galleries and auctions, the circumstances of COVID19 having reduced the physical contact between artworks, buyers and sellers. A non fungible token is a digital asset that represents potential real world object , usually art, music, games, videos and occasionally a clever or famous tweet. An NFT has a unique digital identifier and can be bought and sold much like a physical painting. Physical artworks all have a location and a current owner, although we often encounter digital images online. NFTs work in the same way, they have a digital location, rather than a wall in a gallery, and an owner who has the bragging rights and control over the commercial use of the image. #priceoninquiry #letsmakelemonade

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