Hey Jupiter

“What do I care about Jupiter…”

Jean Paul Sartre

NASA has just released this image of Jupiter. It is the highest definition photo of the planet ever achieved. I am pleased to see how blue it is on the surface. If your family is like mine, you might be familiar with the Brainwaves quiz in the weekend edition of the Advertiser. Questions about the planets of our solar system appear regularly. Here is a helpful primer about Jupiter. It is the fifth and largest planet. It is a gas planet. It is the third brightest object in the night sky, after Venus and the Moon. It is named after the supreme Roman God. Jupiter has 4 moons, called Galilean, as he discovered them. The largest moon is Ganymede. The spacecraft Pioneer10, Voyager and Juno have all orbited the planet. The largest frozen ocean of Jupiter is called Europa. Hope it helps. #sundayisquiznight #letsmakelemonade

4 thoughts on “Hey Jupiter

  1. I am a bit confused. Rather than being the ” largest frozen ocean of Jupiter”, I thought Europa was a moon of Jupiter with a frozen ocean surface. Am I wrong?


    1. It is both a moon and an ocean

      David Walsh Surgeon 0412335884



      1. Is Europa the name of the ocean on the moon Europa or an ocean on the planet Jupiter?


      2. I believe the planet

        David Walsh Surgeon 0412335884


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