On the road again

“Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas…”

Kevin OLeary

For obvious reasons, over the past couple of years many of my blogs have focussed on themes such as isolation, shelter and hope for a different future. Although normal reception is not fully restored for many, for Melissa and I it has become possible to commence a carefully planned return to travel. It was great to spend our first evening away from South Australia in Salamanca Place, Hobart. Salamanca is a province in Spain. This part of the Hobart docklands was named after the site of an 1812 victory by the Duke of Wellington over the Spanish forces. In a nice piece of urban planning the district is loomed over by the imposing Mount Wellington, seen here in the background. More interestly for nerds like me, Salamanca Place is a property in the Australian edition of the board game Monopoly. #escapingwithpeterandteresa #letsmakelemonade

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