An elementary pen, Watson

“I have at least met my affinity in pens…”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the Parker Pen Company

During his legendary writing career Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was prolific. His literary output encompassed humour, fantasy, science fiction, romance, poetry and non-fiction. He is remembered almost exclusively for his Sherlock Holmes stories. The first of these, A Study in Scarlet, was published in 1887. Doyle was more than an author, having qualified in medicine at the University of Edinburgh. His iconic character Holmes was based on one of his clinical teachers at the university, Joseph Bell. Doyle published a number of scientific papers, including a number championing universal compulsory public vaccinations, including commentary on the folly of contemporary anti-vaccinators. As a writer he favoured the fountain pen, specifically the orange parker Duofold. So much so, that in 1921 he wrote a charismatic letter of thanks to Parker. In 2021 a limited edition fountain pen celebrating his life was released into the pen community. Ironically, it was produced by Mont Blanc. #thegameisafoot #letsmakelemonade

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