Bottling it up

“Ink, a drug”

Vladimir Nabokov

People start their pen obsession after encountering a pen that sparks joy. Their first ink is nearly always blue or black. Pens usually come with these colour samples. It doesn’t take long to notice different inks and things can escalate quickly from there. Indeed, in Japan there is a group of enthusiasts that practice Ink Numa. This is the obsessive colection of a vast range of new and obscure inks, with every possible characteristic and colour. These dudes don’t care about the pens, often using simple dip nibs to doodle and test, or even pouring ink directly onto paper. Recently there has been another factor to consider. The bottle itself. This is Paakezah from Krishna inks, unsurprisingly an Indian company. This cool bottle basically set the internet on fire. First was the FOMO driven scramble to place orders and second was the scandal as it emerged the bottle design had essentially been stolen from another company. #istilllikethebottle #letsmakelemonade

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