Fill her up!

“Love is an hourglass, the heart fills as the brain empties…”

Jules Renard

I especially enjoy the manner in which using a fountain pen sparks conversations with the people you meet. Nearly always they express surprise that people still use them. Next there is a reminisence of an older acquaintance or family member that used to use one. Finally there is an inquiry about how you fill them with ink. The regular ink stains on my fingers attest to the complexity of this last issue. Shown above are the four basic options. An ink cartridge is were everbody starts. The related cartridge convertor gives more ink choices. Aficionados often prefer the piston filler, usually associated with higher end pens. Lunatics attempt to eye dropper their pens. Eye droppering a pen involves filling the pen body directly with an obscene amount of ink, secured only by the dubious engineering tolerances of the pen case threading. Diaster is never more than a heart beat away. #notforthefainthearted #letsmakelemonade

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