Getting a grip

“Dura est manus chirurgie, sed sanans”

The hand of the surgeon is hard, but healing

Walter Map

Every surgeon needs a dependable tissue forcep. Something to grab things and tame a tricky operation. My favourite is the Rutherford Morison. James Rutherford Morison was one of the most reknown northern British surgeons of the late 19th century. He was an excellent teacher and held the chair in surgery at the University of Durham, which will please at least one of my old mentors. Rutherford Morison was a busy man. Apart from the challenging task of instrument design, he described the anatomical space between the liver and right kidney, and he also developed a surgical incision to access the flank and lower abdomen. During WW1 he introduced iodine as an antiseptic for the treatment of contaminated wounds, something still used everyday in contemporary surgery. In his downtime he was a hardcore birder. #anothergreatdurhamsurgeon #letsmakelemonade.

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