How covid affects giraffes

“Evolution is so creative. That’s how we get giraffes…”

Kurt Vonegut

In the world of fountain pens one of the rarest birds is a giraffe. The Giraffe is an iconic and sought after pen produced by the Belgian company Conid. Be careful, the spelling is important in this blog. This pen is amongst the longest produced at 19.7cm, but more importantly, has a legendary piston ink capacity of 6ml. Most pens struggle to reach the 2ml mark. The issue is that Conid is actually a large plastics company. Pens are just a small side hustle for them. During Covid, Conid has directed all it’s production capacity towards the manufacture of PPEs for the European market. So Covid has forced this giraffe into hibernation. Hopefully it is not extinction, and as we keep hearing, things return to normal post pandemic. #conidcovidcancellation #letsmakelemonade

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