The colour of humanity

“We live in a rainbow of chaos…’

Paul Cezzanne

It is the nature of what I do, that I have spent many hours over anatomy texts. They nearly all have diagrams and remarkably they are all the same colours. Why? Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours by Patrick Syme was published in 1814. It is a small book, with 108 colour swatches. It represents a highly successful attempt to classify all the colours of the natural world. All the colours are numbered, have specific blending recipes and specific examples of natural objects that match. It includes links to the kingdoms of animal, mineral and vegetable. In 1831 Marc Jean Bourgery took it up a notch. In Traite complet de L’anatomie de thomme, he produced an anatomy text that included referenced colours from Werner’s Nomenclature. The colours of anatomy texts going forward were set in stone. More significantly, man was reocgnised as just another part of nature. My favourite is the IVC, #30, flax flower blue. #dontcutthebluewire #letsmakelemonade

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