My little white pill

“My barn having burnt down around me, I can now see the moon…”

Mizuta Masahde, 17th Century Samurai

Almost exactly three years ago, I discovered a couple key things. My bone marrow was trying to kill me and that the food at the new RAH was terrible. This coloured drawing represents a molecule of the drug Dasatinib. It is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, which stops the phosphorylation of the BCL-ABL gene. It makes my white blood cells behave. The fact that it works has forced all of you to endure 3 years of my blog posts. I have also received amazing care from the RAH Haematology team. that has been just as important as the drug. I truly feel that they have my back. Readers beware, Dasatinib also acts as a seno-lytic. It stops the shortening of DNA telomeres. Trials have shown it can be used to delay ageing and postpone dementia. There might be a lot more blogs. #thankstimandnaranie #letsmakelemonade

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  1. gold… look forward to them


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