Where do I start?

“A pen is to me as a beak is a bird…”

J R R Tolkien

I write a lot about fountain pens. I use a lot of fountain pens. I like to encourage others to use fountain pens. I am a pen enabler. This pen is a pretty good gateway drug. Platinum is a major Japanese pen company. Having a Japanese or German model as your first pen gives you street cred right off the bat. This Preppy is cool, reliable, robust, and really cheap. It also writes wonderfully. Available in a range of interchangable nib sizes, it uses cartridges for ink. Those brave enough to use a bottle of ink will find it also takes a converter or can be eye-droppered. Melissa uses one of these, although her pen has an upmarket metal body and is called a Plaisier. #onlythefirstonewillbecheap #letsmakelemonade

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