Another rabbit hole

“Develop true grit to be great…”

Barrett Brooks

If you have an interest in making cuts, you soon have an interest in knife blades. If you are into blades then they have to be sharp. Once you get into sharpening you will soon be an owner of one of these. This is a an entry level whetstone, but the sky is the limit in performance and indeed cost. It will not surprise the readers of this blog that the most coveted ones are Japanese. Generally a grit number relating to the abrasive particle size is used to classify these stones. Nothing so crude is used for naturally sourced Japanese whetstones. The Japanese define the stones by performance and role in the process of sharpening. Are-to the rough stone, Nako-to the middle stone, Shiage-to the final stone. The fourth type of stone is the Nagura, using to provide a slurry to enmhance the cutting process. #checkouttheyoutubewebsites #letsmakelemonade

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