Function and style

“Please the people, guide the physician…”

CJ Trew

Christoph Jacob Trew was a Nurenberg physician, anatomist and early example of a science communicator. His believed that anatomical images needed to have dual roles. Accurate enough for the health professional, yet aesthetically pleasing to engage the interest of the general public. He wanted his textbooks to have wide appeal and presumably large sales. This beautiful piece was produced in 1754. It portrays the vascular anatomy of the cubital fossa, in front of the elbow. This was a key road map for the common practice of blood-letting. Trew commissioned this drawing from the local etcher, Joahnn Michael Seligmann. Seligmann was intrigued enough to go on and publish anatomical texts in his own right. To our modern eye the yellow colour of the veins is odd. The convention of colouring veins blue didn’t appear until the early 1800s. #passthelancet #letsmakelemonade

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