More pandemic fallout

“When the ink runs dry you are most likely writing at the wrong angle…”

Carolyn Shields

Amongst those that covet fountain pens, this is a special model. The Conid Bulkfiller is produced in Antwerpt, Belgium. It is admired for it’s industrial design, innovative filling system and precise manufacturing. They are not flashy, but considered all class. In fact the Conid Pen Company is a small division of a much larger international business involved with medical device production. They produce precision syringe and infusion pumps, dialysis equipment and at their higher end, cardiac bypass systems. ECMO has been an important part of ICU support during COVID19. Since 2020 the company has devoted all manufacturing resources to the pandemic. These pens are no longer on the market. Lets hope that recent rumours that they will reurn in 2023 are correct. #allhandstothepump #letsmakelemonade

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