A grain of truth in every story

“We live in all we see…”

Annie Dillard

Unicorns, Loch Ness Monsters, Drop Bears. All cultures have their mythical beasts. The American Mid West is home of the Jackalope. Most Jackalopes are nothing but taxidermy trickery, rabbit skins and stuck on antelope horns. The locals always inisisted they were based on creatures they had seen in the wild. In the early 1930s Richard Slope from the Rockefeller University went out West. With help from the locals he captured several of the beasts. They were rabbits with keratotic squamous cell carcinomas growing on their heads. Several decades of work later, Slope had a Nobel prize and the world knew both of the Papilloma virus and that cancers could be infectious in aetiology. Fast forward to 2022 and worldwide rates of lethal human cervical cancer are rapidly due to the HPV vaccine. #smallthingsmatter #letsmakelemonade

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