The ultimate surgeon’s pen

“Medical science is making such progress that soon none of us will be well…”

Aldous Huxley

So this unique pen by Schon Design is having quite a moment in the fountain pen community. It is produced from a very specific plastic that desirably can be machined thinner than acrylics, and is less prone to fracture when dropped. A major issue for pen enthusiasts is that it can only be produced in this single basic colour. It will seem vaguely familiar to some of you. This pen is made from Ultem. Ultem is polyetherimide and is a medical grade plastic. This means it has the properties of being non-permeable (resists infection), chemical/heat resistant (can be sterilised), hard (won’t bend or break) and biocompatible (can be inserted into the human body). Ultem is used in balloon catheters, respiratory devices, infusion pumps, radiation delivery systems and joint arthroplasty protheses. You could use this pen as a replacement hip joint. #passthehammer #letsmakelemonade

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