Take the weather with you

“Bad weather makes great art…”

Ansel Adams

Spring this year has been disapppointing, wet and cold. Across the Southern states of Australia everybody is murmuring about La Niña. What they are referring to is the colder component of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) climate pattern. The name La Niña originates from Spanish for “the girl”, by analogy to El Niño, meaning “the boy”. In the past these cooling weather periods were also called an anti-El Niño or originally El Viejo, meaning “the old man.” During a La Niña period, the sea surface temperature across the eastern equatorial part of the central Pacific Ocean will be lower than normal by 3–5 °C. Each event has a typical duration of five months. All relate to excessive seasonal movements of warm air. Right across Australia, these complex weather patterns are a major influencers of colder, or indeed warmer periods in the case of El Niño, It is easy to drop in the phrase Climate Change, but ENSO events have been documented every handful of years since the 1700s. #hotairrises #letsmakelemonade

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