History and controversy in a pan

“His kiss tasted of rice with a touch of saffron…”

Chloe Thurlow

Few things are as passionately contested as the ingredients suitable for a paella. The internet sits on a hair-trigger. Non-Spaniards commonly view paella as the national dish of Spain. Spaniards consider it a regional dish from Valencia. Valencians feel it is core to their identity and are utterly committed to the authenticity of the dish. The name paella comes from the French derived Catalan word for frying pan. Rice dishes entered Spain with the Moors in the 10th century. Paella emerged as a thing we would recognise in the 18th century Valencia. The controversy lies in the ingredients. What you can add (rice, saffron, rabbit, chicken, snails, green beans, lima beans, tomatoes, chicken broth and rosemary), or what you can not add (seafood, chorizo, livestock and random vegetables). Surprisingly for me, this version is non traditional. I apologise, but it is a great thing to share with friends. #happy2023 #letsmakelemonade

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