A mere copyist

“A painter is a choreographer of space…”

Barnett Newman

This recent project brings together a number of things I like. The New York School of Abstract Expressionism, painting with masking tape and of course the Double Blues! Barnett Newman was a key figure of post war American art. This piece is based on his 1952 work Onement V. Newman’s signature was a narrow vertical strip, the width of a strip of masking tape. He referred to them as zips. They represented the initial flash of a nuclear explosion. So what is the difference between copying and forging? The Louvre Museum, which has a formal permit program for copyists, insists the dimensions must be altered by more than ten percent. Luckily, mine is tiny. #sizedoesmatter

1 thought on “A mere copyist

  1. This is a serious misquote of Newman, Newman in the interview which this was taken from is attempting to think a painting that is not a choreography of space I will link the original interview here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6sU6ft9Xjg&ab_channel=chromatichouse You can see he is not saying a painter is a choreographer of space although he does use those words, instead what he is really saying is that he doesn’t want to be the kind of painter who creates choreographed spaces, instead he wants immediacy… “The beginning and the end are there at once”.


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