Yet another rabbit hole

“You can’t fly a Spitfire and forget about it…”

Geoffrey Wellum

The Airfix company was formed in the UK in 1939. It initially produced inflatable balloon toys. In 1955 they moved into plastic self assembled model kits. The classic WW2 Spitfire was an early release and became a huge seller. Sales boomed through the next few decades. There is still a loyal cult of builders, even in 2023. Modern manufacturing means each kit is well made and easy to glue together. The real interest now is the painting and presentation. This is highly specific and highly detailed. Models are usually identifiable craft with exact markings, wear and weathering. For example this aircraft was flown by Pilot Officer Anotoni Glowacki, No 303 (Polish) squadron, based in Norfolk 1942. #myfirstattempt #letsmakelemonade

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