Beside every good surgeon

‘Alone we can only do so little; together we can do so much…”

Helen Keller

The RACS formally describes the role of the surgical assistant as someone who works closely alongside the primary surgeon, applying understanding and support for the operative steps and process. Demonstrating additional operative skills and expertise where required. I deeply value the presence of my surgical assistants. In public hospitals my assistants are junior surgeons. Their passion, hunger for learning and at times tolerance of my own assisting skills are a tonic to the cynicism of the older consultant. In private, I have the two of the best. Both are proceduralists who have seen and done it all. In theatre they make me, all staff and all patients feel welcome, comfortable and safe. They like to work hard, converse and joke, but at the correct moment are skilled professionals ready to deploy a small sage piece of advice. #billandrandall #letsmakelemonade

2 thoughts on “Beside every good surgeon

  1. Jenni Jenni Goold February 19, 2023 — 10:48 am

    What’s the saying behind all good men is a good woman!
    Behind all good surgeons is a surgical assistant 👍


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