Not really an artist

“Vermeer found a life in the corner of a room…”

Irwin Greenberg

Currently in the Rijksmuseum, is an exhibition of 28 original works from Johannes Vermeer. A pretty good haul as only 37 paintings from Vermeer are in existence. Vermeer is remarkable character. People from his home town of Delft may not have even recognised him as an artist. They most likely considered him an art dealer and a well regarded local inn keeper, who happened to be the father of eleven children. His painting was almost conducted in secret. In an agressively Protestant Dutch society, his works were filled with Catholic Jesuit references. Light, travel, teaching and knowledge. His painting subjects were middle class workers and servants, rather then the rich and famous. His methods involved obsessive staging, control of light, use of reflections and obscure optical instruments. Unlike most artists, Vermeer left no legacy of juvenile artwork, copious sketches and preparatory pieces. He just produced his masterpieces. .#iwouldbehappywith37goodones #letsmakelmonade

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