Beijing or New York

“We live counterfeit lives in order to resemble the idea we first had of ourselves…”

Andre Gide

In 2012 I was visiting New York and a hard to source stealth black Pilot Vanishing Point proudly became my first overseas fountain pen purchase. Alas, it has not been my last. Vanishing Points have unique design. As implied by the name, the nib retracts into the body of the pen, identical to a clicky ballpoint. No mucking about with caps, these pens can be operated instantly with one hand. In 2022 the other pen in this picture was released. All hell broke lose in the fountain community. The Mahjong/Moonman A1 has obvious influences acknowledged by the manufacturer, but they deny it being a direct copy. The dilemma for pen lovers is that the A1 is readily available online, 1/20th the cost and seems to write and work better. Can you tell the original? #toponeisvp #letsmakelemonade

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