The angle of the dangle

“Calculus works by making visible the infinitesimally small…”

Keith Devlin

Recently Melissa and I have been rehanging a lot of art. This raises a lot of issues. What position? What height? What angle? The most critical question of course is will the fasteners hold the weight? A lot of faith, guesswork and potential blame is involved. Most of you will be relieved to know that you can do better than just eyeballing it and crossing your fingers. There is in fact an International Standards Guide for Hanging Artworks by Wire and Cord. This scholarly work employs higher order mathematics, applied physics and even elements of simple common sense. If using this document it helps to have a working knowledge of integral calculus. We can laugh, but if your job is hanging multi million dollar artwork in crowded public spaces, there is little room for error. #justalittlehigherontheright #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “The angle of the dangle

  1. Brilliant post:)


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