The pen you when you are really into pens

“A blog is a message in a bottle…”

Robert Breault

If you have an interest in fountain pens, there seems to be a very low bar to starting a blog about it. I am guilty as charged, but at least you get a fair bit of other stuff. The pinacle of pen bloggers is the Pen Addict himself, Brad Dowdy. Brad has been the key influencer for pens and stationary for over a decade. Most blogs collapse after a dozen or so posts. Dowdy has pumped out 2 posts and a newsletter each week for 13 years. Get your product favourably reviewed in one of his posts and you can sit back and enjoy the hype and the sales. To celebrate 10 years of the Pen Addict blog, this limited edition pen was released to much acclaim. It is a collaboration with the Franklin Christoph Pen Company, and features their Model #3 in Brad’s beloved orange. #letsmakelemonade

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