You might want to jot this down

“The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very small and the pen is very sharp…”

Terry Pratchett

Many people are very careful with their appearance, clothing, jewellery and accessories. The same people never seem to notice the message that they send with the pens they carry. Pen nerds notice all the time. The Parker Jotter was first introduced in 1954. Since then 750 million of these pens have been sold. They are still readily available and pretty much unchanged in design. Their success is linked to durability, affordability and a simple stylish design. Their reliability comes from the famed tungsten G2 T ball large capacity refill, which is now the standard for most pens incorporating a knock deployment mechanism. These pens are available at most stationary shops and don’t cost the earth. Many colours have been available over the years, but for maximum credibility just stick to the classics, red (rust), navy, grey or black. #dontbethatperson #letsmalelemonade

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