The New Royal Blue

“A tree is a nobler object than a Prince in his coronation robes…”

Alexander Pope

We are rapidly approaching Coronation season. The fountain pen community was excited to learn of the release of the above Coronation ink. The opportunity to get your hands on a bottle of the official Coronation ink was almost too good to be true, and indeed it was. Coronation Shimmer is now being produced by the UK based Diamine Ink company. While it has been inspired by the Charles III Coronation logo, it is not the actual official Coronation ink that is being used to address the elaborate handwritten invitations for the grand event. The Calligraphers Royal are actually using a once off blend of pigments to produce a colour referred to as New Royal Blue. Ironically, as they use dip pens the blend is made up of vibrant acrylic paints and not even proper fountain pen ink. #almostseemslikefraud #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “The New Royal Blue

  1. Do we know what shade of blue it is ? Will it be sold commercially ? is there any more information ?


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