All the time, everywhere

“In drawing nothing is better than the first attempt…”

Pablo Pacasso

Getting involved in Urban Sketching is essentially developing a practice in mindfulness. You start to appreciate the details, anomalies and patterns that are surrounding us every day. Could I draw that? How would I draw that? What composition? What perspective? What colours would I paint? The other day I sat having a coffee in a cafe that was probably a bit too trendy for me. This spoon caught my eye. Hard to appreciate initially, it actually contains a tiny Urban Sketch. Immediately my thoughts are flying. Who painted this image of a Brisbane church? Who put it in a spoon? Who bought the spoon to Adelaide? Could I have done as good a representation? Should I start collecting souvenir spoons? Can I use this in a blog? #alwayshaveyoureyesopen #letsmakelemonade

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