Nothing is black and white

“Watercolour is like golf, every stroke counts…”

Katie Wood McCloy

Everyone has painted in watercolour. It is the stuff you played with in kindy. Most well known artists start with this deceptively simple medium. It is quick, cheap, portable and low fuss. Just my style. Oil paints require a lot of space, tricky chemicals and a lot of patience (weeks!) while the layers dry. Oil also allows virtually endless overpainting and corrections. Thats why they x-ray old Masters to check for authenticity. Watercolour reveals every step from start to finish. Plain paper is used- to provide white and lighter tones. Likewise, black paint is poor form. It is cooler to use a blend of French Ultramarine and Burnt Umber. Hope you like my owl! #tryingtogetthehangofit #letsmakelemonade

2 thoughts on “Nothing is black and white

  1. Love the owl! I haven’t used watercolors since high school, you’ve almost convinced me to put away the oils for a while! Amanda

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  2. An awesome owl!🎨🦉

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