Hiding place SA072

I never wanted to weigh more heavily on a man than a bird…’

Coco Chanel

Since early March, I have become a resident of the Aldinga Washpool Lagoon. This area of land is adjacent to the sea and the stunning Myponga Cliffs. The Kaurna people knew this site as Wangkondananko -the possum place. Here possum skins were cured and prepared for winter clothing. During the 1980s it was slated to be dug out and formed into a commercial marina. Luckily, the plan fell over, at least in part due to the advocacy of The Friends of the Aldinga Scrub. This group is still active in preserving this area – replanting, maintaining infrastructure, and promoting the cause. Their major success came in 2001, when Aldinga Washpool Lagoon – SA072, was listed in the Australian Government’s Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia. During summer, it is dry grass, bushfire prone and full of snakes. Come winter, 50% is an impromptu lake and there are masses of birds. It is part of the East Asian Australasian Flyway for migrating birds. You can look at it everyday and still see new things. A good camera is vital. #worseplacestohide #letsmakelemonade

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