Looking to the Heavens

“Thunder bolt and lightening….Galileo, Galileo Figaro magnifico…”


In 1592 Galileo Galilel was the Professor of Mathematics in Padua. That year he wrote to a friend in Venice. Could he send artillery balls, two tin organ pipes, Tripoli powder, iron bowls, Greek pitch and felt? Using these tradtional glass grinding materials, he produced the telescope we can see above. The Dutch had developed telescopes a couple of centuries previously, but Galileo improved their power and clarity. He also took what had been a military instrument and turned it to the sky. He was fascinated by the details of the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. For instance around Jupiter he could see moons that appeared to be orbiting. Such simple observations formed the basis for modern science, changed how we understand the world and proved the Church fallible. Galileo was in serious trouble. #inquistitiontime #letsmakelemonade

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